Press, Media & PR

Chelsey Baker
11 August 2015

Be personally mentored to raise your profile, create your own unique story, angles and PR opportunities to attract press and media attention. Find out what journalists are looking for, how to approach them and how to gain media exposure to drive sales.

You’ll benefit from personal 1-2-1 mentoring and 100% tailored support that is right for your business. All mentoring is bespoke and adapted to suit your individual needs and requirements. These are just some of the subjects covered below:

  • How to increase your business profile
  • How to be newsworthy & receive free publicity
  • Create a killer press release & winning headlines
  • PR opportunities ready for you in your industry
  • How to gain media exposure to increase sales
  • Creating press events to attract media attention
  • Finding press contacts & how to approach them
  • Unique hooks to get local & national press interest
  • Become a spokesperson & expert in your industry
  • Creating “your” unique story to attract journalists
  • Articles, news statements & blogs to gain credibility
  • Dealing with press, journalists & interviews
  • Becoming the face of your business &brand
  • Find out the media’s first impression of YOU!
  • What journalists are looking for – get them calling you
  • Television & Radio opportunities available to you
  • Critical media mistakes & interview techniques
  • Making sure the media is on your side
  • How to leverage press and what NOT to say
  • Maximising your video & Youtube presence
  • Test trial your message before taking it to the media
  • Have confidence with real journalist feedback
  • Understand the driving force behind PR
  • Defining your publicity purpose, ethics & values
  • Current media analysis & needs evaluation
  • Killer Media hooks to transform your business
  • Creating your media pitch & press kit

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