Sales & Marketing

Chelsey Baker
11 August 2015

Be personally mentored to increase sales, achieve growth and gain a unique competitive advantage. Identify new opportunities, generate innovative ideas, develop strategies to find customers and create value & demand for your product or service.

You’ll benefit from personal 1-2-1 mentoring and 100% tailored support that is right for your business. All mentoring is bespoke and adapted to suit your individual needs and requirements. These are just some of the subjects covered below:

  • Increase sales, leads & customer retention
  • Receive key sales messages to drive sales
  • How & where to find repeat business
  • Finding new opportunities for sales growth
  • Increase market, buying spend & frequency
  • Profitable sales/newsletters & brochures
  • Referrals, joint ventures & partnerships
  • Closing sales & attracting new customers
  • Create your winning spoken sales pitch
  • Sales & buying review of your website
  • Writing sales proposals, pitches & tenders
  • Produce a high impact sales presentation
  • Competitor analysis & your perfect customer
  • Creating demand, solution & purpose
  • Writing powerful direct response copy/blogs
  • Advanced sales & communication mentoring
  • Adding credibility, trust & value
  • Generating believable marketing & advertising
  • Captivating content & engagement marketing
  • How to raise your personal & business profile
  • Create personality, appeal & niche to stand out
  • Increase brand awareness, reputation & loyalty
  • Emotional marketing to entice sales
  • Marketing to outperform your competition
  • How to generate immediate enquiries & sales
  • Convey your message with digital storytelling
  • Email marketing & online marketing campaigns
  • Produce social media messages to drive sales
  • Develop unique competitive advantages, USPs
  • Create targeted promotions, exclusivity & offers
  • Increase fans, followers, members & subscribers
  • Event marketing, shows, sponsorship & awards

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