Chelsey helped me more than I could have imagined. She was able to advise on every area of the business. I learned more in this short time than I had in two years of running around trying to find out for myself. Had I not had the privilege of working with Chelsey, I would have made some potentially damaging decisions. Chelsey saved me an outlay of £50,000 and her advice also saved me huge amounts in design fees - she has made an enormous difference.

Theresa Pope -  Dandi Patch

Chelsey helps you come up with brilliant ways to present your business to customers, media and potential investors; she helped with marketing strategies and also mentioned my business in an article in The Times which helped boost my credibility. Chelsey helps me to focus and steers me away from cash draining activities. It has been great working with her; her go getter attitude inspires you to believe that everything is possible and she is honest in her opinions.

Alicia -  GoldCrush Hair

Chelsey has real concern and passion; she is so clever, genuine and perfect to take me to the next level. I could not have asked for more, Chelsey totally got it and showed me how to move forwards and gave me the confidence I needed to grow the business, phenomenal!! Chelsey gave me 150% out of 100% there are not many people like that out there, she is priceless!!

Deborah Imber -  Tots Crops Ltd

Chelsey understood my vision better than I did and helped with effective marketing, sales & PR and we worked to develop each section of my business. Chelsey showed me how to write proposals for major clients, how to pivot my success to gain more PR/sales, how to write good sales copy and trigger emotional needs of my clients. It’s helped me move from an entrepreneur to thinking like the CEO of a major business.

Keshav Bhatt  -  Revolution

Having someone like Chelsey on your side and believing in you is a real confidence boost. Chelsey has a genuine wish to give back and support, her knowledge is fantastic and no question goes unanswered. Anyone who works with Chelsey and takes her advice on board will have a 100% better chance of success.

Michelle Walkes -  Manor Grove Spa

Chelsey is a great person, great motivator and great mentor. Chelsey helped my business in a major way and her advice helped me make more moves in my industry. The profits have increased and the mentoring advice will continue to take me to another level. Thank you Chelsey.

Reece Shagourie -  Fighters Block

I chose Chelsey because of her experience in marketing & PR - areas which I have little experience and I wanted to create brand awareness and generate publicity. She’s an expert in pitching for funding and helped me create a Kickstarter campaign, preparing the script, video and rewards which was successfully funded. Chelsey has been fantastic to work with and as a result I now have a number of new stockists and achieved national press coverage, which would have cost thousands in paid advertising.

Michelle Kent -  Suitcase Susie

Chelsey has been instrumental to the growth of my business, breathing new life into my website, marketing and sales. Her mentoring has enabled me to grow my business into an international brand and given me the confidence to achieve my goals, I can't thank her enough.​​

Mark Doree -  Blue Earth Training Ltd

Chelsey likes to see people progress and succeed which is what a great mentor does! Chelsey looked at my business as a prospective client and as an expert and opened my eyes to the things I needed to improve/develop to get even more results. The investment was more than worth it.

Danielle McDonald -  Colour Your Success

Every session with Chelsey has given me another aspect to push my business in the right direction, something I didn't think of before or a great new idea. Chelsey has motivated and encouraged me to stay focused, believe in myself and my business. She has been super helpful with any support I needed and I'm really glad to have Chelsey Baker as my mentor. It feels so good to know that she is there when I need some advice. A passionate mentor and an expert in her field! :)

Dajana Basic  -  Dajana Basic

Chelsey had an honest approach with straight forward thinking – to the point – I like that! I also learned essentially what is working/not working and how to change this for the better. Chelsey was able to give me a clearer direction on how to start to achieve full business potential.

Sarah King -  Orcinus Recruitment

I find Chelsey one of the most inspirational people I have ever been lucky enough to meet. It’s amazing to work with her on my business; she pushes me to ensure I achieve everything and more. Since working with her my business has seriously grown! Chelsey helped build my business using marketing & PR to increase brand awareness, helped me become more confident, overcoming hurdles to make me a stronger business woman.I would not hesitate to recommend Chelsey to everyone as she has the ability to progress all businesses.

Nicky Tribble -  Photo Buzz Ltd

Chelsey is friendly, patient and most importantly knowledgeable as well as passionate. Chelsey has a proven track record so is able to explain things clearly and provide examples. Chelsey helped me improve my website and get insight into how to acquire new customers and increase sales, PR & marketing.

Amanda Gerbasi -  Kattri

With Chelsey’s sessions we get so much done and always come away with so many great ideas. Chelsey keeps us on track; she can see the bigger picture – something we really struggle with. We feel honoured and privileged to work with Chelsey and she has given us such a boost.

Lin & Steve -  Poppin Mad Ltd