Pitching & Presenting

Chelsey Baker
11 August 2015

Be personally mentored to successfully deliver a winning sales or investor pitch. Deliver high impact, stress free presentations to speak confidently and become an influential speaker in any situation. Create the perfect pitch to increase sales, pitch for investment or speak confidently on Television, radio or when speaking to the press or media.

You’ll benefit from personal 1-2-1 mentoring and 100% tailored support that is right for your business. All mentoring is bespoke and adapted to suit your individual needs and requirements. These are just some of the subjects covered below:

  • Deliver the ‘perfect pitch’ to win business/investment
  • Present a nerve free pitch within a set time limit
  • How to engage, influence &persuade investors
  • Copy the exact formula successful in raising finance
  • Avoid the biggest mistakes made when pitching
  • Discover what investors really want to hear!
  • Find out an investor’s first impression of YOU!
  • Test your influencing skills in a trial interview
  • Handle difficult questions in a live Q&A session
  • Develop your pitch to get everyone on your side
  • Pitch with charisma, charm & conviction
  • Build confidence for maximum impact pitching
  • Improve your voice, tone & body language
  • Learn professional presenting techniques taught on TV
  • Develop your own unique presenting style to stand out
  • Grow in confidence to speak in any situation
  • Managing & influencing your audience
  • Test your skills & be critiqued in a trial radio/TV interview
  • Creating your SPOKEN signature & emotional message
  • The biggest mistakes made when presenting
  • Plan, structure & deliver powerful presentations
  • Learn advanced public speaking with proven techniques
  • Delivering powerful presentations with compelling content
  • Develop your voice, vocal expressions & tonality
  • Image optimization – enhancing your appearance & style
  • Positive Presence; influence, stand out &be noticed

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